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Monday, June 17, 2013

A kindred spirit-Kelsea

Kelsea and I

This weekend I had a fun, unexpected visit from a fellow Physical therapist who was visiting from  Homer- Kelsea.

Kelsea sought out A Balanced Approach  after hearing about Kodiak this spring. She is a physical therapist who has been doing temporary work in Homer since February. People kept mentioning Kodiak as a cool place that she should check out.

After doing a few google searches, Kelsea discovered my clinic and sent an e-mail inquiring about my business, possible work and called.  I admit; the e-mail she sent I was taking my time replying to .... I was thinking about how to tell her that I wasn't  really hiring and that my clinic wasn't a "normal" clinic as far as multiple PT's, etc.

It was early in the morning when I was sitting at my desk,when she called my work number. We had been playing phone tag and text tag on our cell phones quite unsuccessfully.  I was surprised that the timing worked out where I actually answered the phone at work!

Within a few minutes of talking with her, I could tell she and I hit it off in a very good way. She was looking for someplace within Alaska to relocate to after her traveling work commitments this summer and fall are done.

I have very rarely entertained the possibility of having another PT work alongside me at A Balanced Approach. This is for several reasons; small caseload, the prospect of having to get more equipment for another PT to be happy, the concerns about making sure he/she has enough hours, etc...

So when Kelsea called, I was ready with all the reasons why my clinic probably wouldn't work out for her. But within a minute or two, I could tell that she was someone I would really enjoy working with.

She loves treating low back pain, neck pain, chronic pain. All things which I also love treating and are the cornerstone of my business. I told her i didn't have a 40 hour a week caseload that she would be able to walk right into, and she wasn't intimidated by that. A few days later, she had a trip to Kodiak later to come meet, check the island out and see if it was someplace she could see herself moving to.

Last weekend she came for two days and we had a blast. As I prepared to pick her up from the airport, it felt as though I was prepping for ablind date. Was I wearing the right thing?  ....double checking my hair and make-up. I chuckled to myself and thought, "Zoya, you're being ridiculous...its going to go fine." But I couldn't brush away the thoughts of "What if we don't like eachother? how will it turn out?"

We went to dinner at the Powerhouse and had great conversation primarily about physical therapy and about Kodiak as well. Then we went and listened to live music at the Chart Room for about an hour before returning home.

The two days that followed were filled with hikes, drives, fun conversations as well as a tour of my clinic. She was very patient with Nora and Stuey, as they were extra tired and I insisted they come on a hike with us. In the end, it ended up being good, as they climbed the trees behind Kelsea and I. We sat on a near Islandbeach and marveled at the beauty of the channel; kayakers, birds, etc.

If Kelsea chooses Kodiak to return to and work, I would be thrilled. I would be excited  to work alongside her and help her build the caseload that she would desire. She knows it would take time, but she doesn't seem challenged by that. I love that she has a similar passion for treating spine pain and chronic pain and it would be so fabulous for us to work together with clients which need various approaches to treatment.

Kelsea was here when the weather was gorgeous, but she knows Alaskan winters and spring; she spent 5 months in Homer. It has been  60+ degrees every day~ Today the weather hit 79 Degrees. Unheard of for June in Kodiak!

Hoping my paths cross again with Kelsea in Kodiak this year! It would be wonderful to have her working at A Balanced Approach!


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