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Thursday, June 06, 2013

June Underway

This summer  the kids and myself have found a good rhythm with our schedules.  The kids are involved in a morning summer camp program and a mommy helper, Abby is helping with drop off and pick up of the kids on days I work on the Coast Guard base.  She takes them on long walks to the park and out and about as well as reading and playing here at the house.

Today I counted 24 days until Patrick and the crew returns from Old Harbor.  I smile to myself when I think of the reunion barbeque that will ensue upon their return-the traditional fun energy which accompanies a group when they return from the field. They will be so excited to be around fruits, veggies and home baked goods. Some of our most fun summer gatherings are when field crew returns and we are all reunited.

I'm continuing with Nora's program ( on week 10) which I do 5 days a week and its going strong.  Last week I missed a day of the program  and felt terribly about it for a few minutes.   Then I cut myself a break, as it was the first day I had missed in 9 weeks.  Not too shabby.

I am starting the auditory component of the PACE program  with Nora this week, so I have been giving myself phonics lessons in the evenings, as several of the activities will involve repeating sounds in fast sequence.

Fortunately after 9 weeks, I have a rhythm of how much time I need to be  prepared for Nora's sessions; several hours a week in the evenings. I review the upcoming lessons, watch/review CD's with the exercises on them.  At moments, it does feel daunting-especially when old activities are phased out and more challenging ones are phased in. There is a perpetual learning curve for me as well as Nora. Its amazing how Nora's brain just steps up to the challenges and she works so hard with me. Seeing the progress in Nora is invigorating and inspiring to power through the program this summer.

This weekend the trainer from the Alaska Club is coming from Anchorage to train 6 other instructors and myself in how to instruct TRX fitness class. TRX is a band suspension system which uses ones body weight to strengthen, tone and work on core strength and balance.

 I've never even taken a class, and am very excited to learn it this weekend and proceed to teach it here in Kodiak. There are so many exercises that can be done with just your own body weight, and TRX really capitalizes on this. 

Below is a picture of the flooring that was just installed in the TRX room. Just add members and the strap system and we'll be ready to go!

Coming soon-TRX classes. Training this weekend!
Stuey has been very entrepreneurial lately-with his bookstore. He sells his pictures and books for 10 or 20 cents and he doesn't barter with me. If I say, "i'll pay you 5 cents" he refuses. He would rather accept no money than be talked down. 
The theme in his art lately is rainbows and our red house. I think the family therapist (who also had her degree in art therapy) that our family worked with this past winter  would have good reflections on Stuey's state of mind, as reflected in his art. Rainbows over a house would be good! So thats re-assuring. He is hooked on rainbows and houses (which have smoke coming out of the chimneys!)
Stuey's "Store". He loves making rainbow and house pictures. And selling them for 5 or 10 cents each. 
Nora is Miss. Perceptive about people, time, friends, etc. She notices my every mood, and is the detective in the house, noticing if something is out of place, off schedule, etc. Her intuititve awareness about me is welcomed. I attribute this change primarily to the program we are doing together.  In years past, I wished she had more of this trait; at times I would be frusturated that she wouldn't notice my emotions or others emotions.
A picture that was on the camera. I think Patrick made these outfits with the kids! The shoes were made out of cardboard boxes.

Stuey in bed last night....with his latest store creation. 

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