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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chase from the top

Some more ski photos of Chase from yesterday.  I had commitments on both of the absolutely spectacular days before yesterday and could not go skiing.  It about killed me to look up at the snow and be stuck in a meeting.  But Chase did go, and yesterday we beat the rain and got in a ski in the last of the good weather before it rained.  Today when we went up it was raining in town but on the mountain it was snowing hard!  This is the best skiing of the year.

What's funny is that last night Chase and I looked back at the ski photos I took when he was last here in 2008 and they are almost identical (click here and here).  Even the post titles and subjects sound a little similar.  I guess things have not changed all that much around here.  Good thing!  Patrick

PS if you look closely in a few of these photos you will notice a few lurking Navy SEALs.  They enjoyed watching Chase ski from the top of Pyramid.  I think he had an audience of about 40 SEAL recruits in training watching from the bottom of the run - all with cell phones and cameras at the ready.

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