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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

~A Birthday For Four~

On Sunday afternoon Elke, Angie my sister and myself celebrated early May birthdays. We all had birthdays within a 4 day period so we combined birthday forces for one action- filled, food and chocolate-filled party! 

The weather was in the 40's but we fired up the outside fire pit and the kids ran around playing ball, swinging on the hammock and running around the yard. Ella, Angie, Elke and myself blew out the cake candles together and celebrated with hugs. 

Highlights of the food on the grill included some Kodiak cod and Kodiak  tanner crab as well as salmon dip made by Adelia and incredible salad by Elke. 

Angie, Ella, Elke and myself celebrating another year around the sun! 

I'm used to frequently blowing out candles alongside my sister  but this year it was fun to blow out candles alongside 3 cool women!


On Monday, my actual birthday, I picked up Nora from school early to do her program as usual. She asked, "Mom, did you see clients today?" I replied, "yes" She said "Mom, you should've given yourself the day off. Because you are your own boss." So true and sweet- But tough to actually do...

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