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Monday, May 20, 2013

Good byes & Hellos

This past week has been quite the mix of hellos and goodbyes!

My friends Alisa and Mike are visiting from Australia with their two boys; what fun its been to see them and reconnect! I visited them last year in Australia and it feels like no time at all has passed since then. Those are the best types of friendships! More to come on their visit in future post...

The Old Harbor archaeology crew arrived, then left yesterday for Old Harbor. This years crew consisted of Catherine, Danielle, Sam, Chase and Patrick. Sam was the only new one out of the crew and she is an absolutely lovely person and so excited to be in Alaska. It is her first trip here and first field experience. The crew is off to Old Harbor to do a survey of the runway as the town prepares for a runway extension. 

While saying goodbye, I found myself more emotional than normal, as this trip is 6 weeks; a bit longer than standard digs. This comes right at a time when we have really found a nice spring rhythm and groove to our family. The good part is, however, that they have phone access and can call as needed. The kids and myself will most likely take a short trip to Old Harbor to say hello and check out the scene. 

Patrick cooked up the most rockin' turkey/stuffing dinner the night before they left!

The archaeology crew: Patrick, Catherine, Danielle, Sam and Chase. 

Nora and Stuey enjoy a snack with Eric and Elias. 

Catherine and Tank cuddle on the kitchen couch. 
Showing Chase the "drama" feature on our camera

After years of Catherine coming up for digs, its like a day hasn't passed when we see eachother! 

And a sad, but happy, farewell goodbye to one of my favorite, most dedicated fitness class members, Marcia Putney (below, center, in the green shirt). 

Marcia has been one of my most consistent members at A Balanced Approach since I opened my fitness studio nearly 9 years ago and next week she and her husband move to Florida. She has always been so positive, fun and willing to try new classes. I've had a special fondness for she and her husband Todd. I will miss them. This picture was taken today at my last Powerflex class with her. We were both teary as we hugged goodbye. I've been so blessed with her presence in my life. Happy Trails to my longest-time member, Marcia!


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