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Monday, May 27, 2013

Growing Pains

Nora and I are on week 9 of her Seattle Learning program and last week we had some expected lows with fatigue and frustration.

When we embarked upon this 20 week program, I knew the days would come when Nora and I would struggle through the sessions, and sure enough-we did. These were the days when she had dance recitals and her last week of school. I was committed to keeping her on the 5 day a week schedule but it was tough.  I was also tired and my patience wasn't as strong. If she rolled her eyes at me, or if I sighed heavily at her, we became frusturated with each other and didn't enjoy the sessions as much as normal.

This week I discovered that Nora really likes having a Menu, where she can see the different
activities that we're going to do and pick which ones to do first. I draw out little pictures of the exercises so she knows what the abbreviations are for.

Tomorrow morning summer camp program starts, which the kids are both looking forward to. Its fun to be on the summer schedule now and do Nora's programs without feeling like it is too much on her brain after a full days school!


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