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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dance Rehearsal

Line of monkeys

The other night I took some pictures of Nora's dance rehearsal.  The performance is based on Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Books'.  The final shows are today at 1 and 7 PM, but photos at shows are frowned upon - hence the rehearsal pictures.  The light was so low at rehearsal that I am amazed that the pictures came out at all.

Because of the low light I was having a hard time telling who was who, and at one point I was taking pictures of the wrong monkey thinking it was Nora.  Good thing they did the dance twice!  I might even try to sneak in some pictures tonight when Nora dances under the bright lights, and I can see things a bit better.

At the rehearsal I was very proud of how much better Nora is as a dancer.  In the old days her group would sort of stumble/dance to the beat of their own drums.  These days they all jumped and danced in time with each other and Nora was actually leading!  No need for the 'dance shepherds' - older student dancers - to keep the kids all in line either.  Nora and her peers are progressing as dancers.  She has moved up a rung, and I can actually see a day when she and her peers reach the top of the ladder and become the leading ladies.  A few years ago this was a little hard to envision.  Patrick

Nora's not in this photo but her friend Bella is

Nora watches the older girls dance

Lots of other parents were taking pictures too!

Nora is one of the monkeys looking out of the windows

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