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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cliffside Bunkhouse

The past two weeks since Patrick has been gone, our house reverted to a summer bunkhouse. Before kids, we would take in lots of summer archaeologists and house guests and haven't done so much of it since Nora and Stuey have come into the picture.

The local Island Trails Network needed a place for 3 summer interns, so I agreed to them staying at our house for 2 weeks. Taking in unknown guests can be a a bit of a gamble, not knowing who will be in our house.

We lucked out with 3 thoughtful, helpful interns who are kind and playful with Nora and Stuey. Stuey took quite a liking to the intern, Nicole, after she showed him the game Mindcraft on her computer. When Stuey would go to bed, he'd ask, "how many hours until I wake up?" so he could play mind craft again with Nicole. I joke that Stuey needs a shirt that says, "I (heart) Nicole". We also have our friend Elke staying with us while she awaits the closing of her house at the end of the month. It is communal living-fun dinner togethers in the evening and a spirit of collaboration with stocking the fridge and cleaning.

Patrick and I head East to attend his 25th college reunion in Boston. The kids are staying back with a mommy helper and the pack at the house. I've looked forward to this trip since Patrick's 20th college reunion 5 years ago-to dance to 80's music, visit with his family and his cool roommates.


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