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Monday, May 27, 2013

Crab Festival Bed Races-Best Costume WINNERS!

Our local Crab Festival has an annual tradition of bed races, where people join in costumed teams to push a bed down the road for a hundred yards or so. There are prizes for fastest bed, best costumes, and best bed. This is the 11th year of the races and 5 teams participated on the cold, rainy day. 

My friend and co-worker, Shoawna, from the Coast Guard base formed a team and before I knew it, I was on it!
Our team name was Four Mates and a Fin...we won best costumes!

Despite the weather, we had a blast~~~ 
Four Mates and a Fin--from Rockmore King Clinic on the Coast Guard Base. We won prize for best costumes!

Getting our bed in good position to start the race. 

Another team from a local medical Clinic...the Bald Eagles. So Alaskan!

The Rock Island Rollers-they turned heads with their bed! 


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