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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sunday Morning Drive

Yesterday was Zoya's birthday, but we had her celebration 2 days ago on Sunday.  Prior to kids, on her birthday Zoya and I used to drive out the road with binoculars and check out the migrating birds.  After kids we sort of stopped doing it.  Maybe it had to do with confinement in a car for 2 hours with fighting kids?

Anyway, this year drove out the road with kids.  On the way out we picked up beach peat for the garden, but the goal of the trip was 'Surfer's Beach' out past Pasagshak on Narrow Cape. We drove out in tandem with Elke and her kids Mila and Phoebe.  Elke is a surfer - hence the surfing destination.  It was a beautiful day, and the kids did not fight in the car (not much anyway).

I have never gone out there to watch the surfers and I was kind of amazed at how fun it looked.  I'd always thought that Kodiak must have sort of marginal conditions, but to my untrained eye the waves looked pretty good for surfing. Absolutely gorgeous out there too - with beautiful light.  I could not help but take lots and lots of pictures.  Patrick

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