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Monday, May 02, 2011

Yet More Kid Photos

Sometimes I get a little worried about posting too many kid photos. I don't want to slant our blog content too far one way or another. Sometimes I get a little worried about posting too many 'snow and skiing' pictures too. However, the blog is our family photo album and if we don't post good photos then they are probably lost forever. We print our blog every 3 months and also keep the photos we use in it in separate files. The photos that don't make are blog are kept in HUGE files and while edited aren't edited enough to make it worthwhile checking through them. For this reason, if a photo does not make the blog - it is lost forever. Not that that is a bad thing because the good ones do make the blog. In fact, I've actually contemplated heaving all the ones that don't make the blog. Why bother keeping subpar pictures?

Anyway, these photos are all from yesterday. This weekend Kodiak was blessed with sunny weather when it was supposed to rain. In the morning I took the kids for a bike down the bike path with the dogs, and then in the evening we went to Andy and Betsey's reception. The reception was at the Buskin Beach House and I took the kids down to the beach. I had not been there for a while and forgot how wide and sandy of a beach it is. It's a beach that most communities would import and dump sand to create. Patrick


Jowers Inc. said...

I love that you print the blog. That had not occurred to me. Having our life story in print would be awesome. PS all pictures that don't make it to our blog are pretty much lost forever on the hard drive.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Check out 'blog2Print' at the 'sharedbook' website. It is super easy and not all that expensive. It uploads your blog all by itself and then it costs like 35 buck for a 50 page book in hardcover too! Nora calls them 'baby blog' and loves to leaf through them. Patrick