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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Very Important Meeting About Trails

Finally, after years and years of discussions Kodiak has a trails plan. This is something that is VERY important to anyone who uses trails and recreates in the wide open spaces of our road system. It's a plan for the future and my hope is that it will allow continued access to the places where we all love to play and hunt. I fear that without a plan the road system will get developed willy nilly and the places where we all love to play will become closed to the public. A trails plan is our only hope to maintain the great thing we got going here on Kodiak.

A rough draft was released just last week now it is up to the public to comment on it. On Wednesday June 1rst at 7 PM at the Kodiak High School commons there will be a public meeting to introduce the plan and a forum for people to comment on it. You have all summer to read over and comment on the plan, but the guy who wrote the plan will be at the meeting on wednesday. This is your chance to express your opinion.

Remember what happened with the Public process for the improvements out at Miller Point in Fort Abercrombie? Too many people missed the meetings like the one coming up for the trails plan. Let's not let that happen again. So read the plan - see online link below or go to the Community Development Department at the Borough Building and pick up a hard copy.

Read the plan and then GO to the meeting! We need to hear your voice.


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