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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Skiing is Great

It was supposed to rain all weekend - so when it was sunny today it was a big, unexpected bonus. In the dim fog bound days of late when I've gone skiing it usually been up into a whiteout. I climb 1500 feet or so and then ski down following my up track to keep from getting lost. In the white white world of a whiteout my tracks and pole plants are often the only thing there is to see.

So today was an awesome surprise – Sun above and views to the horizon. Today I could have fun. And I did. The skiing was great (see photos). What's funny is that even though the skiing is at its best for the year right now, there are fewer people skiing. Once the snow is gone in town people assume it is gone everywhere. Go figure. Patrick

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Akensee4miles said...

Feeling green: those turns look nice and soft.