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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coast Guard Transfer Season

Kodiak is home to the largest coast guard base in the world, as it has around 2500 people on it. Considering Kodiak Island has around 9000 people on it total, the coast guard population is a large portion. When spring transfer season arrives, there is a shift in the population of the community. Houses are sold by outgoing coast guard families and bought by incoming families (sometimes sight unseen!!). There are lots of garage sales by outgoing families and a HUGE Flea market on the coast guard base as well.

In the past I"ve noticed this flux, but this spring I am particularly sensitive to it and am bummed with the number of people I am saying good bye to. There are 6 or so families leaving with whom I've grown quite attached.

I"ve been back to Kodiak for 12 years and am wondering why it is hitting me harder this transfer season. I believe it is because since owning my own business, I get to know people and their families on a deeper level. Between teaching the birthing classes, being a doula and doing physical therapy with the coast guard community--I have more opportunity to get to know people and their families better than in the past.

The good news is that there is a good chance many of them will be back to kodiak in a few years for another tour. That will be so fun!! To reconnect and hear all about their lives in the "inbetween Kodiak" years.


-My friend, Kim and I on the coast guard base last weekend. She and her super-piolot husband Nahshon gave us an INCREDIBLE tour of the hangers on base. (See next post....).
-The kids and I sitting on the back of a C-130 plane....where they are able to lower the back part and drop supplies out of!!
-Going inside the helicopter hanger on a gorgeous spring day in Kodiak!
-Stuey's liking the pilot seat...
-Kims son and Nora standing next to the basket which is lowered to rescue people from the ocean. So cool!!! I'm completely in awe of the work the coast guard does to keep our waters safe.

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