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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Helicopters and C-130's

Last weekend we had the most incredible opportunity of touring the C-130's and Helicopters. Our friends, K. and her husband N. (who flies C-130's and helicopters) are transferring and they offered to give us a tour of the two hangers. I was in awe. I was born and raised and Kodiak and have never really seen the heli's and C-130's from such an up close perspective. The kids were in heaven--sitting in the seats, looking out the windows. Their son came along as well which was so fun--he is so saavy around the aircraft.

Nahshon was an incredible guide. he knows the plane inside and out and would so articulately answer every single one of Stuey's "Whats that?" question. Every single hole and knook and cranny--he knows the purpose of.

A few facts I learned....
A C-130 plane can fly for 12 hours on 1 round of gas!!!
Nahshon was once called out for a mission and from the time the call came in to the time he was in air was 12 minutes! Pretty darn fast!!!


-Kim and Nahshon in the control room where the missions are dispatched used to all be done on the magnetic board behind them until 3 months ago when they got a google earth computer. Amazing, eh?!!
-rest of the photos are kids and airplanes!!

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