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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Patrick has a long time habit of writing in his journal-daily. He has kept a journal steadily since 1975 (with a 5 year break in there). When I met Patrick, I was amazed by his diligence to his journal and the details he wrote about. When I wrote in a journal growing up, all I wrote about was boys, boys, boys. I haven't written consistently in a journal since I got married-I don't have the desire to anymore. I found my boy!

Patrick writes about what he eats for dinner, what he hunts, how many days he skis and more factual type of information. Sometimes he has to "catch up" several days and think back to days or weeks prior. He'll be in the kitchen and ask me, "Zoya, what did we eat for dinner last Wednesday?" Its quite a good memory game to think back several days and try to remember what actually happened!! Patrick's journal is more like an activity-food-log book. Oh-and weather, of course. He is able to look back and say, "Oh, last year at this time, we were ice skating already....".

Recently Nora got a little Hello Kitty Journal as a "Sticker Chart" Grand Prize. She came home, promptly sat down at the counter, asked me for a pen. As she opened up her book and was thinking about what to write, she asked, "Mom, what did we eat for dinner last night?" Like father, like daughter.

Now when Patrick sits down to write in his journal every morning, Nora was to be part of the fun and she insists on writing in her Hello Kitty Journal. Its a great little morning routine for Nora and Patrick to do together.



Sue and Brian said...

I love this! So cute!

Meghan said...

This is wonderful! What a great habit to pass along to the babies! I love it.