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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's winter & deer hunting is over!

The bucks are in rut and it's cold out there - time to quit hunting. This past weekend I went with Bruce for one last hunt. We targeted does so as to not end up with any 'rutty' tasting meat. But nothing we could do about the cold. Not sure if I understand why people go winter camping for fun.

Anyway, we kayaked off the road system, camped, and brought back 2 does. It was freezing. I think the most epic part of the trip was during the kayak trip home when the wind picked up. Whitecaps and freezing spray. As Bruce put it, 'this is not recreational kayaking'. At one point, I looked back to check on Bruce and saw a whale spouting just behind him. I shouted whale, and he thought I was pointing out the waves. Which to him seemed obvious - but when I kept shouting he did turn around and saw the whale on the surface about 100 yards away. It went under and then came up again about 40 yards away. We think it was a fin whale - it was huge. It just went on and on as it came out of the water. With the whale and waves it just got a little surreal for a while there. Our decks and coats got coated with ice and we were very happy to get back to the truck.

I tried to post photos but I kept getting upload errors, but I made a little video of the trip and posted it to Youtube. Check it out below:

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