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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Icing on the cake

Today the skiing on Pyramid was fantastic. Totally unexpected too. While I knew we got a lot of new snow (see yesterday's post) I still expected early season conditions - bumps, thin cover, the occasional rock, exposed bushes. What I did not expect was a good base with powder on the top. It was like getting my cake and eating it too - the icing on the cake! I got to go skiing and it was GOOD skiing. The north bowl had a good base with about 4 to 5 inches of powder on top. Also, it was good skiing all the way back to the 1000 foot level on the way back to the car. Generally, it takes a few storms to build up a base before the skiing gets this good. Now let's pray for more snow and no warm rain.

If you look carefully in the bottom two photos you can see ski tracks in the North Bowl. Steve W beat me to it! I was surprised to see 4 other snowboarders and skiers on the mountan. So it is not just me up there - other people thought it was good too. Patrick

1 comment:

The Yellow Porcupine said...

Great - I'm just getting out of hunting mode and able to go hiking with the spousal unit and now you tell me it's time to desert her once more for skiing....