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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pilgrims and Indians

Nora came home yesterday from preschool with a happy thanksgiving card-complete with a turkey on the front and a list of things she is thankful for inside. SO fun! The list included mommy, daddy, friends, paper, going to school, toys and grocery store. Who knew trips to the store are so exciting?! Maybe we need to get Nora out and about more....:)

She also came home from preschool with a pilgrim hat. My first thought was "Wow-I didn't know schools still did the whole pilgrims-indian thing." When Patrick picked up Nora, Balika was picking up Bella, who was going home with a handmade Indian hat. Balika and Patrick got a chuckle out of this, as Bella is native Alaskan.

This thanksgiving I am thankful for so many things. I'll do my thankful list, like Nora did-

-Our family-here in Kodiak and extended family
-our friend Ryan who is recovering in Seattle.
-our friends Aileen and Josh who have returned home with their new little one
-open minded, wonderful friends
-living in Kodiak.
-my husband who makes every day a fun adventure.

Love Zoya

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