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Friday, November 06, 2009

Snow on the Mountain

According to the 'dashboard' when I checked in to write this evening this is our 1,000 post to the blog. How apt that it has to do with skiing and snow. Zoya often complains that my 'snow conditions reports' are serious snoozer posts. I beg to differ, I see them as a benefit to humanity, and as climatological documentation. With all the current uproar about global warming I could probably get NSF funding for the blog if I agreed to do enough 'snow reports'.

Anyway, to get down to business. The snow is great on Pyramid. I was actually shocked at the amount of new snow up high. We have around 2 inches of new snow at the parking lot and more than 2 feet up above 1500 feet. WOW! It was thigh deep up there. It is time to go skiing! Patrick


Stewart said...

Keep up the snow reports I love that shit.


Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Will do - let's hope it did not form a massive breakable crust over night

The Yellow Porcupine said...

You, Patrick, are providing an essential and appreciated service to humanity - snow reports are valued above all else in this world.