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Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Snow

While the rest of the united states has had several snowfalls this winter, we've been delayed with the arrival of winter. This fall season has been mild thus far. But yesterday, winter hit with a BANG! Lots of snow fell and the winds blew.

Nora asked me yesterday, "mom, what is your favorite part about snow?" I replied, "I like how it is light and fluffy. How about you?" She stuck out her tounge and said, "I like catching snowflakes on my tongue."

The snow enthusiasm is high around our house-in a few minutes we're headed out to do the first cross country ski of the year! Yeah!

Patrick and Bruce are on wind-weather-hold for their kayak-hunting trip. Too windy. They're going to give it a try tomorrow morning.

Photos are from a walk down the road yesterday-a few snow angels along the way!
Bottom ones are sledding today in our yard.


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