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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Leaving for Los Angeles

Tonight I'm leaving for LA to see two of my sisters and do my first triathlon.

I go with excitement, nervousness and eagerness to get the race over with. My swimming has improved significantly in the past two weeks, but I am still quite a weak swimmer. As I swam at the Coast Guard pool earlier this week, I had a moment of "oh my gosh, what if I got totally exhausted and couldn't finish the swimming portion? Or worse yet, what if I drowned?". I'm normally not a "nervous nellie"...(I believe my friends and family can attend to that). But there is something about swimming in the open water, with lots of people and swimming a distance farther than I ever had before that creates a stir of unease inside myself.

This week I did a lot of mental re-affirmations that I could do it, and Patrick re-assured me as well. I think that its good to do things that get you outside your comfort level every once in a while. Thats when you truly grow and believe in yourself. So often people are afraid of failing or not succeeding 100%, so then they don't try. I've learned to enjoy races because it brings a sense of accomplishment afterwards.

Last night I said, "Patrick, there is a good chance I could come in last in this race".

He replied, "Thats ok Zoya! In fact, in some races there are people who sort of compete to be the last person to cross the finish line. Its an honor of sorts."

I felt better about this. And as we talked, we decided that I would probably be in the bottom chunk of finishers...if there are around 800 racers, I"d be thrilled to be around 600 or 700th. Also, at this point my goal is to not get swine flu and not have any mechanical difficulties with my rented bike. If those two things fall into place, the race will be a success by all measures.

I'm appreciative to Patrick for his support during my training time--it has taken quite a bit of coordinating some days to ensure that I got pool time in. He always thinks its so healthy for us to train for races.

Catalina Island Triathlon, here I come! Yeah!


Photos are of Nora and Stuey- taken by Amy Johnson, of Colorado. She was in town this summer photographing kids and families.


Sue and Brian said...

Good Luck Zoya! No matter what place you come in it will be great! You are way ahead of all the rest of us that wouldn't even try a race like that.

Those are beautiful pictures of the kids! I will definitely have to try to get an appointment with that photographer next time she is in town.


My Little Family: said...

Winning comes in many forms and I believe you've won already by even entering and training for the race.

Mike, Alisa and Elias said...

Hi Zoya and Good Luck! You've trained so hard and you'll do great. You are an inspiration! We are cheering for you, Alisa & Mike

Laura said...

That's an awesome challenge to undertake, Zoya! And Catalina is a fabulous destination! Good Luck!