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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slow time

The hectic time of Summer archaeology and Fall hunting seasons is pretty much over. We have entered the slow time of winter. Well that's not totally true - we still have the Holiday season ahead of us. But it does seem like things are finally slowing down - Less stress and hectic schedules to combat. More time in the evening and mornings with nothing to do.

Lately, I've been walking with the dogs and kids to the beach at Abercrombie State Park. Actually, I take the kids in the stroller so they only walk the last bit. I know, I know an almost 3 and a 4 year-old in the stroller looks bad. But I have found that if we try to walk all the way there we never make it, and they seem to dig the stroller ride. I also get a killer glute workout pushing the stroller up the hills. Yesterday, on the way back, we even found some blueberries still hanging on the bushes. I fed the kids like little birdie chicks - dropping berries into open mouths. That way they did not have to remove their gloves and get cold hands. Patrick

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