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Monday, November 16, 2009

Patrick's Home Safe and Sound

Over the weekend our friend Bruce was in town for an off-road system deer hunt. On Saturday, the guys were on weather hold due to high winds and fortunately the winds let up enough yesterday to allow them to venture off in their kayaks. The temperatures were in the low 20's/high teens with lots of snow cover on the ground. In the evening, I got a phone call from Patrick with good news-they got 2 deer and were hunkering down by the woodstove to warm up. The wind was so cold last night-I didn't know how the guys could possibly stay warm enough!

Patrick reported that the kayak ride back to town was quite exhilarating. The winds picked up and they were followed by a fin whale about 40 yards away. On my end of things, I couldn't wait for Patrick to call saying he had made it back to land. The last part of the trip into "the bay" was ice breaking and proved to be more challenging than they anticipated. I"m just so thrilled they made it home. Phew.


Nora doing her "interpretive dance" in her tutu...which she does frequently around the house recently. We put on the radio and she goes around the house doing little ballerina poses. Very cute. I can tell she is practicing her dance class moves.

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