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Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're Partly to Blame

Rain, bumpy torn-up roads, cones everywhere, clueless flaggers, and a sense that it is just never going to end. Lately that's been the scene while driving about downtown Kodiak. And while I must admit I hope Red Hook construction never gets another paving job on Kodiak, I also realize that Kodiak drivers are partly to blame.

We are partly to blame because we wear out the roads with our studded tires. Studded tires are what wear out our roads so quickly and leave those 'railroad like' ruts in the pavement that need to be repaired. Don't get me wrong - studded tires are often the critical edge that keeps your car on the road in icy conditions, but they are also often used needlessly. How many of you know coworkers who leave studded tires on their cars all summer? How about the 4 wheel drive SUV with studded snow tires? I must admit my wife's car does need studded tires in the winter, and so did my old two wheel drive truck. But my new 4 wheel drive truck does not need studded tires, and I would argue that a lot of people have studded tires on their trucks who do not need them. I know that no one needs studded tires in summertime (and after a full summer of use studs are pretty useless for the next winter anyway).

Anyhow, the next time you are on the way to the airport and find yourself hydroplaning in a water-filled rut, realize that studded tires created those ruts. Patrick

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