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Monday, September 08, 2008

Some South End Sunrises

Some gorgeous sunrises down on the south end. Everyday we were treated to a different show of morning colors and clouds. Generally the 'peak' color only lasted about 10 minutes or so - so you had to be ready with the camera. We usually stayed in camp until after sunrise. We'd drink our coffee, and then after the sun rose we'd use our spotting scopes to glass for game on the surrounding hills. We actually saw all but one of the harvested animals from camp, before we even set out hunting.

The only bad thing about the teepee with the wood stove is that it encouraged us to stay up too late at night (bottom photo). I find that when one does not have a stove everybody snuggles into their sleeping bag to stay warm and goes to bed early. We'd stay up late enjoying the warmth of our 'power orbs' of granite (see previous post) and good conversation - both enjoyed with the occasional sip of 'wicky' or rum. Patrick

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