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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some Final Hunt Photos

I thought I'd add some final photos from our South End hunt. Odds and ends so to speak. Top photo shows what our camp looked like. In the photo you can see Preston and I glassing for deer. The next photo is of Preston relaxing on a rock during lunch in an area we called 'stonehenge' because of the propensity of large, upright rocks. Third photo is of Preston posing with his large deer. All of the deer we harvested on this trip were exceptionally large. Finally the last photo shows that all the play has to end and the work begin. We finished cutting up all the deer and goat on Monday - we filled an entire freezer! Patrick

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Life and Times of the Kodiak Van Clan said...

It was indeed a memorable week in the outback on Kodiak Island. We will surely make it there again one day.

May there always be places that remain forever wild.