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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hunting Trip to Kodiak's South End

Preston, Thomas and I got back from our hunting trip to Kodiak's South End yesterday evening - just in time to avoid getting socked in by today's easterly gale. Rather than boring you with dead animal pictures - I though I'd show you some live animals. Here are some the deer we saw - I am happy to say that all the deer in these photos are still alive and well.

The wildlife viewing was outstanding. In the nearby salmon creeks we would watch the bears catching fish - as many as 6 at once all chasing fish around. In one drainage from above we saw 12 bears in various parts of the drainage.

In the second photo the deer pictured were on a mountain top ridge. When I first spotted them 2 of the bucks were skylined and sparring. I could hear their antlers clicking and they drifted in an out of view as the fog and mist drifted past. Better footage than you will ever see on Animal Planet - seemed like an insurance ad or something. Later, for a short while, four bucks sparred all at once. I wish I had got that on film!

Other wildlife of note - goats of course. There were lots of those (more on goats later). But the waterfowl was pretty outstanding too. Every dawn like clockwork the seagulls would fly over on there way to the salmon creeks at the head of the bay to scavenge dead salmon (top photo). We also had a surprising amount of Canadian geese flying overhead. They are not supposed to be native to Kodiak. Patrick

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