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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Comings and Goings

This past week has been full of friends going...going....going. Rose and Thomas leave tomorrow for 7 months (Seattle, Hawaii, Belgium), Karen and Jeremy leave for 6 weeks for a road trip and Casey left on Monday for South Carolina (she'll be back next summer---if not sooner!!). Fall is an exciting time in that regard-summer is over, people travel and our busy summer lives start to slow down (somewhat....with Patrick around things are never slow).

The weather is most definitely cooler and this past week and I've fully admitted to myself that summer is over. I think I was in denial--the temperatures would be 52 or so and I would tell myself..." COULD get up to 60 degrees today, so it must still be summer." Those 60 degree days are over.

A Balanced Approach clinic plans are coming together SO WELL!!!!!!! My high low table arrived last week and I LOVE it. I think the guy who delivered it off the van needs to be my first patient. He was limping as he got out of the truck, before he even touched the table box. I thought, "Yikes, I need to see him soon." Then he proceeded to throw the table box around like it was a big Christmas present--manhandling it off the pallet into the studio. He didn't seem to mind that it weighs several hundred pounds and was completely akward. There was no way to do those maneuvers ergonomically correct!! I tried to help but wasn't much help.

I"m going to move the table to a room down the hall and will have a treatment room all to myself. This past weekend I got many of the supplies I'll need in the room-pillows, towels, tissues. All those treatment room essentials. I hope to start scheduling patients in the first 2 weeks of October. The whole process of starting up my own clinic is exciting and fun. It is all coming together well.



MJ, Casey and myself at Casey's going away party last Saturday night.

Mike Roxann and the kids on Sunday night. Mike cooked up Ling cod that he and Patrick caught earlier that day. Mike made a most incredible salmon dip which disappeared instantly-so good. After dinner, Roxann and I put Nora in the stroller and went for a short walk down the bike path. Fun evening.

Nora, Stuey and my new high-low clinic table!!!!!! They liked it.

The kids and I in front of A Balanced Approach Sign.

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