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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Canned Halibut

Last night I canned halibut. Stayed up late drinking beer and cruising the internet while the stop cap on the canner rattled away and the windows in the kitchen steamed up. Mike Pfeffer and Preston Van Curen provided the halibut. They caught a monster halibut subsistence fishing off the Buskin River mouth - virtually inedible as table fare, but a great candidate for canning. Best of all, is that I get a share of the meat if I can it (pressure cook it in pint jars). And they got a lot of halibut - At least 4 loads in the 16 pint pressure cooker, and there is still plenty leftover to freeze as filets.

Last night I canned the halibut with a little water, some oil, salt, lemon juice and parsley. It came out just like tuna fish - only a little dry - so for the batch I am making now I added more oil and no water. I also tried leeks and celery in this batch. We'll see how it comes out! At least we'll have a lot - lots of 'tuna' fish sandwiches this winter.

Photos: Stu in drag as a witch. Should this be his Halloween costume? Nora playing 'goodnight' with Miss Kitty. She's faking sleep - look closely at her smile and how she has set her eyes in pretend sleep.

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Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

I can't wait to come home. Photos are too cute-esp the one of Stuey in the hat. See you tomorrow, Patrick!