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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hunting Trip Details

Yesterday's post not withstanding, we did not let everything walk. It was a hunting trip, and we did harvest 3 big deer and a 7-year-old billy goat. That is a lot of meat and we spent all yesterday afternoon just processing the goat. Today we'll try to get to all the deer.

We harvested our goat first. We found him way up a mountain above a big ravine. Unfortunately for both us and the goat, after we shot him he fell into the ravine. It was a hair-raising, and strenuous exercise to get the goat back up out of the ravine and carry him back home. After that ordeal all of the deer seemed pretty easy.

While we were down there we did have a few days of pretty bad weather. The day after we harvested the goat it rained 1 to 2 inches and blew 40 to 50 MPH out of the East. We hunkered down around the wood stove in our Kifaru teepee and waited it out. We discovered that if you heat up granite boulders on the stove they hold their heat forever. 'Power orbs' is what we termed them, and we used them to alleviate bug bite sores, ease sore muscles, dry out boots, and even to melt cheese. I even put one in my sleeping bag when I went to bed. I have never had it so good while camping during a bad storm.

Photos: Top - Thomas and Preston hiking back to camp after harvesting a deer. Middle - me with a deer we harvested. Bottom - inside the teepee during the storm. Patrick

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