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Monday, September 12, 2016

Setting up camp with Ryan

Picking up Ryan from the Whaler at anchor

For our Labor Day Weekend Afognak trip Ryan and I took the whaler up a day earlier while Zoya, Molly, Brewster, and the kids arrived by plane a day later.  We arrived at Lipsett Point in the late afternoon and took our time setting up camp.  After setting up camp we went on a water run up the bay. Then it was woodstove and teepee time.

It was all total 'guy' time, and a relaxing start to a great weekend.  Patrick

Paddling to the whaler to go get water

Water run

This was not staged - I really was digging with high anticipation for a piece of jerky

And YUCK it had all gone bad - I can't believe I stuck my hand in there!

Filling up with water from the waterfall


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