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Monday, September 12, 2016

Hunting Alone

Yesterday I filled a proxy deer tag - the first proxy hunt of the year.  It was a quick hunt, and I did it all alone.

Usually when I go hunting it is with a partner or two.  Someone to share the load on the journey home.  But every once in a while, about once a year,  I like to hunt by myself - just me, my thoughts and the mountain.  There is no one to confer with or to share the load.  Also more time to think.  The independence feels good.

When I woke up and looked outside the first thing I saw was Orion's Belt in the sky above Mill Bay.  That portended good things.  And at dawn I was far up the mountain with deer all around.

And four hours after leaving the house I arrived back home with the proxy deer.  A quick, successful hunt.


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