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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hunting and Fishing

Leaving camp at dawn

Our Labor Day weekend trip to Afognak was more than just a camping trip.  It was also about filling the larder, and we came home with both deer meat and canned silver salmon.

Ryan and I went out a day early in the whaler to set up camp, and the next morning before the rest of the crew arrived we climbed up the mountain and went deer hunting.  It was Ryan's first deer hunting trip, and right away on top we found a nice little buck for him to harvest.

We got back to camp with the meat before the others arrived.  So when they did arrive we were able to send the meat back to town. My friend Gregg picked up the meat and put it in my fridge to chill until our return.

On Sunday it was raining but we still made it to 'silver salmon' beach and tried our hand at fishing.  There were plenty of silvers, but events conspired against us and we only harvested one (boat kept on floating back onto the beach, fish popped the hook, and a couple of fishing line birds nests).

 Back at camp, I canned up the silver on the beach.  Zoya had already heated up her 'Afognak hottub' and she watched from the tub while I filleted the fish and put him into jars.  Patrick

dawn in the woods

Sun came up before we got to the top

Hike back down with meat aboard

canning silvers right on the beach

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