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Monday, December 06, 2010

Two Hours with Lili

Last weekend I went to Anchorage for a VERY quick trip for a cross country ski lesson and to see friends and family. The trip in to Anchorage had some extreme turbulence--I was thankful the plane safely landed! And I"m not normally a powder puff about flying conditions...

On Saturday morning I woke up and met with Lili, a cross country ski coach in Anchorage. I found her name on the Nordic Ski Association Website under the "lessons" category. For the past several years, I have felt STUCK with my classic ski form. Patrick hasn't ever been able to articulate to me what I should do to change my form, so I go the same pace. I must admit--I was a little intimidated meeting Lili, as she used to be on the French National Ski team...but from her first warm smile, I knew things would be A-OK.

3/4 of the lesson was without poles. The whole lesson was in the stadium area at kincaid park--we didn't go on the trails at all. She took cross country skiing right down to the basics of kicking, balancing, arm swing timing, weight shifting, etc...I found that I got the feel of it then once I added the poles back in, my good form got lost.

By the end of the two hours, I was having so much fun cross country skiing! A smile formed across my face. Don't get me wrong..I've always enjoyed skiing, as its outdoors, with Patrick and a good workout. But have I always enjoyed it? Maybe not so much. This weekend helped add some spring to my form and I really started having a good time with it! Every time I fell, Lili would say, "good,good! That means you're really testing your balance and going over your ski enough!"

Can't wait for some snow in Kodiak to try my new skills on!


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