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Sunday, December 12, 2010


We survived the Nutcracker. Sigh of relief.

Last night Patrick and I watched the show from start to finish while Sara F. was with the kids backstage. I was glad to go to the whole thing with Patrick, and both the kids were in the performance. This was Patrick's first time watching Nora and Stuey on the big stage, as during Peter Pan, Patrick was out of town.

Stuey loves the stage. He ate up every moment as a mouse...doing the exact motions the big mouse did and smiling. I think he has a knack for performing.
Nora enjoyed it also, and was more comfortable with her routine at the final performance. I asked her what she liked about being in the Nutcracker and she said, "everything".I think she liked being around friends back stage and getting into her costume the best.

I have some things to learn as a "dancer mom"...such as how to properly fasten Nora's hair back in a meticulous bun--as the other girls had. And on one of her performances, Nora was the only reindeer in pink tights...I forget to get her brown tights out of the closet. It is all those seemingly small details which make a big difference when you get the whole batch of kids together. With time, I'll learn. Nora and Stuey are excited about continuing dance classes next semester, which is good. Seems like the whole Nutcracker experience has only increased their love for dancing.

On a final note, I love community productions as the Nutcracker. It is so fun to see the local talent! What incredible choreographers and teachers there are for dance here. We have a good arts program and auditorium here on Kodiak!



Meghan said...

So precious! Zoya, I think you're a perfect stage mom:)

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Awwww...thanks Meghan! :)