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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Potato Digging and Elk Hunt Preparations

Mark R. and Justin Hays have arrived to begin preparations for tomorrows Elk hunt. Getting food, preparing the packs, sighting in rifles, and the essential discussion of plans for where to go for the Elk. They'll leave on a seine boat (The Alpha Centauri) tomorrow morning. Sniffle sniffle. I"ll be here for a week, waiting for the phone call to say that they got their 2 or 3 elk and they'll be headed home.

Yesterday Patrick dug up more of garden potatos and Nora was his assistant. She loved transferring the potatoes from the stack to the bucket. And she was just COVERED In dirt afterwards! I loved it!! Patrick is thrilled to see that she has his green thumb. Patrick grew (rather, ATTEMPTED to grow) peppers indoors this summer and none made it to full size. Nora would pick the peppers off when there were tiny and bring them proudly over to us. It bummed Patrick out somewhat, but he reminded himself that it was a good thing that she took interest in the plants.

Last night Patrick and the guys went to a bear talk at the museum and it was up to me to get the kiddos to bed. So Stuart, Nora and I laid on my bed. Nora flipped through her books and I sang to Stuart as he looked around the room and chewed on his teething toys. 20 minutes later, Nora and Stuart were BOTH asleep on my bed. It was precious!! When Patrick got home he carried Nora into her room without any gliches. Perhaps I"ll do that again this week to get Nora to sleep!


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Anonymous said...

Zoya - I am coming to entertain you while the boys are hunting! Can't wait to see the babies, instead of just their photos.