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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Elk update

No Elk as of yet. Patrick called last night from the sat phone. It is good to hear how the guys are doing. They did a lot of hiking yesterday and haven't spotted the herd. The weather is cooperating once again today-HOORAY! Sunny skies and calm winds. Should make for good elk scouting.

Our friend Catherine arrived from California yesterday. She is giving a presentation at the museum on Saturday night on her research. She is an anthropologist who has done much field work with Patrick over the years. It'll be fun to have her here for a week!

She and Nora sat on the couch last night looking at the moon over mill bay and playing with the etch a sketch while I put stuart to sleep. Nora warmed right up to her. Perhaps Nora remembers the weeks that Catherine was here when Nora was a baby! Catherine is so great with her. Lots of smiles and laughter during the 1/2 hour they sat on the couch together.


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