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Monday, November 30, 2015

More Rockport Moments

A rooster outside of where we ate lunch one day

On our trip 'out East' we spent the first 4 days in Rockport, Maine and the last 4 in Sherborn, Massachusetts.  In Maine we had a mile or so long loop that we walked a couple of times a day with Grandma Coco and Coco the dog.  The first part of the loop is through the woods and along the coast while the second half is across a golf course.

A highlight of the trip was at a pizza restaurant where they use kid's art to make the menu covers.  Stuey and Nora avidly colored away in hope that their pieces would be chosen.  The waitress told us that only the best made it into the menu covers.  Both Stuey and Nora's art made the grade!

Tree trunks on the walk

Dog walk around the loop in the rain

Nora's art for a menu cover

Stuey's menu art

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