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Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Bruno and the Pack

Some more Bruno pictures!  Bruno continues to fit in with the pack.  We are undecided whether to call him Bruno or Bruester.  Nora seems to prefer Bruno - I call him Bruester the Rooster. Stuey and Zoya call him Brewster.

Yesterday afternoon I took him up Pyramid with the rest of the pack to check on the new snow.  I love how he has influenced the behavior of Tank and Sheba.  They are acting more like pack dogs.  All of them stick closer together and seem more in tune with the humans.

Bruno has a very good temperament.  He is still a puppy and does puppy like stuff (like chasing his tail), but also mellows out around the house.  He sleeps next to the various humans with the rest of the pack.  And then outside he perks up and has good 'walk' energy.  That's a perfect dog.


PS I heart Brewster -Zoya

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