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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some that got away

Trick or treat on Cliffside costumes

Our family takes a lot of photos and it is a lot of work editing and backing them up.  Maintaining a blog helps us a lot with this process.

At our house once we put the pictures into iphoto on the computer we erase the pictures off of the card that goes back into the camera.  That way there is less confusion when we down load at a later date about whether a picture has been saved or not.  Once the images are on the computer I do an initial edit - getting rid of all the really bad photos.  Then all these photos are put onto an external hard drive (that is backed up itself by another hard drive).

The pictures that remain on iphoto are fixed up - colors adjusted, cropped, tones fixed etc. - and the best ones usually go here onto the blog.  All pictures that go onto the blog are put into their own file (by date) and backed up on hard drives separately.  Sadly enough, it turns out that these are generally the only photos I ever go back to look at - I mean who wants to look at thousands of unedited photos?

We do not use iphoto as a backup, and every few weeks I go back and delete most of the recent images.  The iphoto on our computer contains only the best of the best from the last few years.

Anyway, yesterday morning I was deleting photos from the past few weeks on iphoto, and found a few that never made it onto the blog.  And now they have!  Patrick

Packaged deer meat - I try to match the terrain on the package with where the meat was harvested

Teaching Stuey cribbage

Zoya's St Mary's Halloween costume

The pack watches Monday night football

Left to right - Bruno, Tank and Sheba

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