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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stuey meets his cousin

One of the important aspects of our family trip out East is that Nora and Stuey get to meet and know their relatives.  It is kind of weird for me too because for most of the cousins I last saw them when they were small.  Now they are all grown up.  So it is 'catch up' time for me and 'get to know' time for Nora and Stuey.

While in Rockport Stuey and I went for a hike with Stuey's Uncle Cam and cousin Bo.  Stuey would run ahead down the trail with Bo (or by himself) and then Cam and I would try and spot him before we walked past the hiding location - a low key version of hide and seek.

The snow under the deciduous trees a and near sunset light made for some dramatic visuals.  Big granite boulders and open vistas.  Quite the hike to get to know the cousins.  Patrick

We see you Stuey!

Stuey and Bo at the 'Maiden Cliff'

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