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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stuey Little Dribbler

Several weeks ago Stuey started playing organized basketball for the first time-in the Kodiak Little Dribblers. It is a program which has been around for 30+ years and gets kids playing basketball in elementary school. 

Stuey is on A Balanced Approach's team and the coach is Pete Danelski, another born and bred Kodiakian and fellow high school classmate in the 90's. His son Liam is in Stuey's class and i was grateful to have Petes kind and familiar presence for Stuey's first time playing basketball.

My sister and I sat in the bleacher together to watch the game with Nora. As the buzzer went off announcing the start of the first game, I admittedly got a little teary eyed. that buzzer struck a visceral chord in the basketball part of my soul. 

The game was more  legit and official than I expected. The wall timer and score board was used, and two refs in uniforms ready to go. 

The majority of the first 2 games involved a lot of teaching; how to pass the ball in, which basket to shoot in, and the very basics of defending your man. The refs took time to patiently explain and didn't blow the whistle for most travels and double dribbles. 

A Balanced Approach has played 3 games and they haven't won one yet. Each game A Balanced Approach gets better, as the boys begin to understand the principles of the game. The most important thing is that Stuey is having fun and learning  the art of basketball.

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