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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Halloween 2015

It sure was fun joining in on Nora and Stuey's class halloween party. I dressed up like Kelly Mcguillis from Top Gun, thoroughly embarrassed Nora with my big blond wig, but hopefully made up for it with a  bowl of freshly popped popcorn. 

Nora didn't want her picture taken with me. I didn't take it personally. On the car ride home I asked why. Was it my outfit? The aviator sunglasses?

"Its the wig mom. I would have been fine if you hadn't worn the wig." She explained. 

Now I know. Next year I'll get pre-approval on a costume before wearing it to the party. 

On the back of STuey's jail suit it read "Busted Bad Boy". On the front it said, "Crime don't pay". Lots of chuckles from his costume!

On Hallween night, several girlfriends and myself went to the Chart room to catch up and listen to live music. It was a very quiet halloween scene there, which we appreciated.

It was fun to get out a little and see a few other adult costumes. Marias was a butterfly. :)


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