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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


In the past week we finally got some snow and on Sunday I took the kids and dogs sledding at the golf course.  We first tried to drive up to the top of Pillar Mountain where the snow coverage is more complete.  However the road turned out to be a sheet of ice, and, after a scary moment sliding backwards half turned sideways, we decided to turn the rest of the way around and go sledding elsewhere.

The golf course had barely enough snow.  And while it may look a little green and desperate the sledding turned out to be excellent.  It was fast and the run was very long.

Yesterday we got another dusting of snow and I even went back to this corner of the golf course and did some skate skiing.  Round and round on a tiny loop until I had gone 5K or so.

It's good to have some snow and cold.  And some of the recent low temperatures have matched the lowest we got all last winter!  Patrick

At the start - the blue sled goes further but the green one spins

Stuey points to our run - it was surprisingly long and fast

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