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Monday, October 26, 2015

Photo Safari in the trees

On Sunday with Zoya at her class the kids, dogs and I went on another hike.  We all brought cameras and it turned into a photo safari.  Stuey's normal camera had a dead battery so I lent him mine.  So instead I brought along a higher end, non waterproof camera (our Canon Powershot GX1).  I think it gave me an unfair advantage.  It was eye-opening how a camera with a larger sensor takes so much crisper and brighter pictures.

It was a misty, rainy sort of day so the theme of our walk was trying to capture the trees in the old growth spruce forest.

Back home I took the best pictures that each of us took and put them in this post - mine first.  Nora had some pictures on her camera from the day before and from the last couple of weeks - so she got a few extra photos.  Stuey's photos, like mine, are all from yesterday.

Nora's Photos

Nora has been doing a lot of close ups.  I really like her sense of composition.

Stuey's Photos

Stuey's pictures really captured the 'mood' of the day


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