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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Elephant Bunkers Oh My!

It was pitch dark in the elephant bunker and I used the camera's flashlight

On Saturday we took the dogs for a family exploring trip behind Boy Scout Lake and Buskin Beach.  A co-worker had told me about some elephant bunkers in good shape, and I thought it would be good fun to try and find them.

The fun part was that I only had a general idea of where the bunkers are located and we had to find them on our own.  All the old roads were over grown with brush and I had to use my 'archaeologist-on-survey' eyes to find the old elephant bunkers.

The bunkers are in very good shape and still contain some of the original furniture.  It looks like they were used as living areas in the 1970's but have seen little to no visitation since then.  All the old beer and soda cans etc seem like stuff that was in style in the 1970s.  Very cool and spooky to visit a military installation 70 years after it was abandoned.

Talking to my co-worker on Monday I discovered that we did not find some old gun mounts that are located very close to the bunkers, and even a much older gun emplacement near the ready ammunition bunker.  I guess we still have some exploring to do!


This 'spotting and plotting' pillbox looks like it was someone's living room in the 1970's

Nora by the 'spotting and plotting' table and window

Original pillbox door

Exploring the old roads

Fern color

Stuey in an old 'ready ammunition' bunker

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