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Saturday, October 17, 2015

A hike on the outer coast

The elk often like to hang out in the outer cape bowls facing Shelikof Strait.  These are difficult places for hunters to reach so the elk herds often go there for protection, and the bowls are full of grass so the browse is good too.

So for our second trip ashore we hiked an outer cape where we have found the elk herd in years past.  We got an early start and had high hopes that we would find the elk when we peeked over the ridge into bowl facing the Shelikof.  But there were no elk to be seen.

High hopes crushed we continued our hike along the mountainous ridge of the outer cape.  We continued to glass different bowls and by the day's end we were fairly certain there was not an elk herd on the entire peninsula.

For the first time on the trip we saw other hunters and their camps.  As we boarded the boat at the end of the day we reflected on how lucky we were to be able to whisk off to try our luck in another area while the other hunters were stuck in their camps on an elk-less peninsula.  Patrick

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