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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Termination Point

By Zoya Saltonstall
Published in Kodiak Daily Mirror on October 8th, 2015

The fogs and rains have descended once again on Kodiak. Fall is in full swing and the rain is welcomed by many. The water reservoir levels were low and some salmon were still high and dry waiting for the rains. This weather gives us silent permission to retreat indoors for baking, canning, quilting and perhaps more TV shows as well.

It’s been two years since we’ve had a “real” winter with any significant snow at sea level. With the recent rain and increasing darkness, my thoughts  turn to winter and how good it is for the soul to continue to get outside during these darker, wetter months.

Kodiak is blessed with good sea-level hiking for the winter months including Abercrombie, Near Island, Boy Scout Lake trails. All these places are just a short drive away from town and hold hours of discoveries and adventures.

 Termination Point is one of these very magical spots. At the very end of Monashka Bay Road, to the East of White Sands Beach, the Lesnoi-owned Termination Point land is a getaway like no other on Kodiak.

When the winds are gusting 60 and the rain is coming down in the Kodiak-sideways fashion, Termination Point is a shelter from the storm.

When the days are sunny and calm, the hike along the steep cliffs look over the deep blue sea and aqua reefs below. The clear water and reflections leave one breathless. When the rain is coming down in sheets, Termination Point is a protected canopy of spruce trees.

The explosion of greens fill up any low spirits. Mother Nature’s spectacular canvass.

The actual  “Termination Point” at the turnaround of the hike is a grassy flat, exposed overlook looking out over Spruce Island. It is an ocean overlook that never fails to awe those who make the trek out. I’ve sat there numbers of times munching on a snack, feeling grateful to live in Kodiak.

The borough assembly will vote on Thursday whether to proceed with negotiations to assume management of a conservation easement on the Lesnoi land. This will ensure protection of the land for generations more to enjoy and appreciate. It will also ensure habitat protection for the birds and other animals of Kodiak.

 We know how good fresh air is, or a majestic overlook is for the soul. Termination Point is always an adventure waiting and soul food at its very best.

The appreciation of those crashing waves, or the majestic spruce trees, or the vibrant green moss or the steep cliffs or the animals in their habitat-experiencing that harmony in nature leads us to healthier, more mindful versions of ourselves.

Kodiak resident Zoya Saltonstall is a mother of two and a physical therapist. She loves black labs and chocolate.

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