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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Old Gun Mounts on Cliff Tops

Stuey and Nora stand beside one of the old gun mounts

Yesterday while Zoya was taking her class on outdoor first aid I took the kids and dogs exploring behind Boy Scout Lake.  We explored here a few weeks ago (click here for post) and found some remarkably un desecrated elephant bunkers.  But after talking to a co-worker I discovered that we had missed the gun mounts associated with the bunker complex.  So yesterday we returned to find the gun mounts.

And find them we did - a mere 30 feet or some from where we had wandered by a few weeks ago.   The gun mounts were part of Kodiak's harbor defense during WWII and had huge, turret-mounted guns on top of them.  They were designed to fire a couple of miles and protect the harbor against enemy battleships.  I gather that even when they were installed the guns were already obsolete WWI 'retreads', and after Pearl Harbor nobody really expected to defend Kodiak against battleships anyway.  But they still built them.

Today the gun mounts are rapidly disappearing into the forest.  The guns themselves were removed in the distant past.  Still it is pretty cool to look around and imagine what it was like over 70 years ago when the bunker complex was a happening place on the cliff top.  Patrick

Sunrise through the trees

Stuey contemplates a collapsed quonset hut where enlisted men once slept and lived

Another gun mount - the mount turned on the outer circle using the cogs seen in the foreground

Cliff plant close up - some sort of Sedum?

Nora on photo safari

Beach waves

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